The Bee's Storyteller Scholarship Fund

We strive to keep our shows and programming affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

We also welcome contributions from our community to help support storytellers (for whom the cost is prohibitive) to attend our shows & workshops.

make a contribution!

We so appreciate the generous and ongoing support of our community!


need a storyteller scholarship ticket?

If you have a story to tell at an upcoming show and the cost of tickets would keep you from attending, we encourage you to request a storyteller scholarship ticket! Simply let us know when you write to us to put your name in the hat (these forms are on individual event pages) and we'll gladly buy your ticket!

Whether or not you have a story to tell, we always have room for a few volunteers at each show, so get in touch if you're interested in those opportunities!

Workshop ScholarshipS

A limited number of scholarships and work-trade spots are available for each of our workshops. If having help to cover the cost of registration would make a difference for you, we invite you to apply!

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