We host lovingly competitive storytelling on the 2nd Thursday of each month with the occasional curated show and storytelling workshop in between.

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The Bee Team

Portrait by Trevor Christensen

Portrait by Trevor Christensen

Giuliana Serena

Beekeeper & Founder

Giuliana hosts & produces The Bee, facilitates storytelling workshops, and offers consulting to individual storytellers and organizations.

Her commitment to creating intentional space for brave storytelling and engaged listening is rooted in her work as a Ceremonialist and Rites-of-Passage Facilitator, with a particular affinity for progressing culture, attuning to the cycles of nature, and celebrating the seasons of life.

Portrait by Dallas Graham

Portrait by Dallas Graham

Samara Bean

Chief Happiness Officer

Samara specializes in singing, creating art, hugs, and possesses an eccentric playful, and unbridled sense of vitality. 

You’ll likely find her smiling and laughing as she coordinates volunteers for our shows, making sure each night runs smoothly and most importantly that everyone has a good time.

Portrait by Anna Pocaro

Portrait by Anna Pocaro

Nan Seymour

Director of Narrative Encouragement

Passionate about helping people find and foster their voice, Nan is Giuliana’s co-conspirator in facilitating our storytelling workshops. She also facilitates River Writing, a generative shared writing practice.

Once a miller and baker, she learned something about process by milling the wheat. She acquired some patience while waiting for the loaves to rise. 

Portrait by Anna Pocaro

Portrait by Anna Pocaro

Sullivan Phetchanpheng

Audio Engineer

Sullivan is a super friendly guy obsessed with all things music and sports. Sound is his real passion, he began by doing it part time and now has his own small business, Lights and Sound Studio. 

When he’s not running sound for The Bee don’t be surprised when you see him doing it for KRCL 90.9fm (a local community station and supporter of The Bee).

Self-Portrait by Anna Pocaro

Self-Portrait by Anna Pocaro

Anna Pocaro


Anna is passionate about everything that she shoots and specializes in private and corporate event photography with a flair for capturing the beauty of children and families – especially those with special needs.

how we came to Bee

In the fall of 2014, Giuliana's sister Francesca called her with the not-so-crazy idea of hosting an evening of lovingly competitive storytelling that winter, when she would visit Salt Lake on a break from grad school in NYC.

The structure and form of our debut, and now subsequent gatherings, was shamelessly inspired by The Moth, a non-profit organization that, since 1997, has presented thousands of stories, told live and without notes, to adoring crowds worldwide. Both sisters had been admirers of the show for some time, listened regularly, and attended together live for the first time in 2013.

Though the initial idea was a bit out of the ordinary, Giuliana was game, the show was planned and The Bee was born. Our name is a direct play on The Moth, and since we’re in Utah, The Bee was an obvious choice (we’re the Beehive state, after all).

The theme of our first night was “Tradition,” both because we are a community with a rich diversity of traditions (even though the rest of the world might not see us that way) and we had a not-so-secret hope that our community would embrace it and that The Bee would have a chance of becoming a tradition here in Salt Lake.

On a cold Thursday night in December, we were pleasantly surprise by the turnout. Over 220 people packed the Urban Lounge. The feeling of excitement and enthusiasm in the room was practically electric. We laughed, we cried, and got to hear some really wonderful and heart-felt stories. Due to the exceptionally positive response to our debut, Giuliana decided to keep the new tradition going. Now, we host lovingly competitive storytelling monthly as well as occasional curated shows. As of 2017, we've begun offering workshops for experienced & aspiring storytellers facilitated by Giuliana and Nan Seymour, our Director of Narrative Encouragement.

We’ve had the good fortune of teaming up with some very fine folks in our community that help make The Bee such great experience for everyone. We’re especially grateful to our brave storytellers, supportive audience members, our venues and volunteers, and Utah HumanitiesKRCL 90.9fm, & Catalyst Magazine for their generous and ongoing support!

We believe that stories matter, that we are all storytellers, and that everyone has stories to tell.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we’re striving to cultivate meaningful community gatherings for storytellers and listeners alike, which contribute to the progression of culture, and where we can be ourselves, together.