Operas from the Hive

A collection of 5 short operas based on true stories told on stage at The Bee.

This truly collaborative compilation of animated and live action short films feature the resident artists of Utah Opera, with original scores written by the Salty Cricket Composers Collective, performed by local musicians, and produced by local studios.

The Selection Procedure

Based on a true story told by Brian Higgins at THE HERE & HEREAFTER.


Based on a true story told by Celeste Chaney at DIRT.

MY Daughter, The Furies

Based on a true story told by Ashley Sanders at THE HERE & HEREAFTER.

On All Other Nights

Based on a true story told by Steve Sternfeld at TRADITION.

Found Awakening

Based on a true story told by Austin Stephenson at LOST & FOUND.

About Operas from the Hive

Beginning in the fall of 2015, Utah Opera partnered with The Bee to source five original local stories and turn them into operas.

The stories that were chosen for production were told by Brian Higgins, Celeste Chaney, Ashley Sanders, Steve Sternfeld, and Austin Stephenson.

Three local composers — Devin Maxwell, Aaron Kirschner, and Margot Murdoch — and two local bands bands — jazz-influenced band JRANK and doom metal band Turned to Stone — were chosen by The Salty Cricket Composers Collective to write music based on these stories. The music was professionally recorded at David Evanoff Sound Designs with Utah Opera Resident Artists providing vocals for the tracks.

These recordings were then merged with animations and live action videos created by a host of local video production artists including Impatient Cow, Ori Media, SpyHop, and animator Tawna Duncan. The resulting works were debuted to a sold out audience at "Night at the Opera," hosted by The Bee on May 17, 2016 at Club @ 50 West.

Each component of this project was created by a local artisan. These are completely community generated operas.

The Operas from the Hive collection is a part of Utah Opera’s Creative Communities Initiative. 

Funded by OPERA America's Building Opera Audiences Grant Program, and supported by the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation. OPERA America's Building Opera Audiences initiative supports the efforts of opera companies in the U.S. and Canada to build informed, enthusiastic audiences through innovative programs.

Special Thanks to Ginamarie Marsala, Project Manager, Christopher McBeth, Artistic Director of Utah Opera, Carol Anderson, Principal Coach of Utah Opera, Giuliana Serena, Beekeeper & Co-Founder of The Bee, Crystal Young-Otterstrom, Co-Founder of Salty Cricket Composers Collective, Nanci Snow Bockelie, & Impatient Cow.


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