Storytelling for Grown-ups 

Participatory workshops for experienced & aspiring storytellers with Giuliana Serena & Nan Seymour of The Bee.

We believe that we are all storytellers and that everybody has stories to tell, even if you’re not one to take the stage.

Telling our own true stories can be intimidating. Practice helps.

That’s why we're offering these opportunities for eager participants to connect, listen, learn, and share with a highly participatory mix of guided writing prompts, oral storytelling exercises, and practical instruction.

We are experts at encouragement and creating brave space for people to be themselves together - and you definitely don’t have to identify as a “storyteller” to enjoy the experience. 

Care to join us?

We would be delighted to welcome you to an upcoming workshop.


Sessions in September, October, and November of 2018 TBA!

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Reflections from Participants

"A great way to get in touch with your experiences and stories in a supportive space."
"A space to reclaim my memories, words, and voice."
“A rare experience to engage with others in real, honest, genuine, and vulnerable ways.”
“Incredible human connection between complete strangers!”
“Not nearly as terrifying as I thought it would be!”
"Informative and empowering while also permitting space and time for connection."
"Feels like we got to know each other on a deeper level.”
"I would absolutely recommend these workshops for those who want to explore finding and valuing voice and story."
"Educational, non-judgmental, and the most space for creation I’ve ever experienced."

Scholarship Opportunities

If you are interested in attending a workshop and the cost would keep you from participating, we invite you to apply for a scholarship.

About our facilitators

Giuliana Serena & Nan Seymour are experts at encouragement and creating brave space for people to be themselves together.


Giuliana Serena

Giuliana is the Beekeeper and Founder of The Bee. She hosts and produces our monthly & curated shows, facilitates storytelling workshops, and offers consulting services to individual storytellers and organizations.

Her commitment to creating intentional space for brave storytelling and engaged listening is rooted in her work as a Ceremonialist and Rites-of-Passage Facilitator, with a particular affinity for progressing culture, attuning to the cycles of nature, and celebrating the seasons of life.

She appreciates the opportunity to hold space for community to share authentically, witness one another, and experience transformation; from the wilds of nature to classrooms to the depths of dark and crowded bars.



Nan Seymour

Nan is The Bee's Director of Narrative Encouragement. She has facilitated writing and storytelling workshops for dozens of groups, including cancer survivors, high school students, homeless writers, and survivors of domestic violence. 

She offers an ongoing schedule of expressive and generative writing courses at her River Writing studio in Salt Lake City. 

She is currently co-authoring a memoir with her 23 year-old daughter Beatrice, a story of parenting a girl determined to survive to become herself through the perils of a misgendered adolescence.

Nan spent seventeen years as a miller and baker of whole-grain bread. She learned something about process by milling the wheat. She acquired some patience while waiting for the loaves to rise.